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The Bee’s Keys - T&Cs - Updated 1st March 2024


What is included in our monthly payment?

Monthly tuition includes 36 Lessons over the school year, Performance Classes, a 12-month home subscription to Piano Maestro for iPad (£45- value), Support between lessons via the Student Portal, Studio Licence Printed Music and Books, The Book Lending Library, including supplementary exam books (saving you buying a book for just one piece), ‘One arm’ books (in case of injury!), Games Library, Pupil incentives, Flexible booking and a 20% Discount code for musical instruments from

The monthly fee does not cover Exam books / Scale books / Method books / Exam entry fees / Competition entry fees.


£80 per month for 36 one-hour group lessons over the school year. (No payment due for August)


Monthly payments are due in advance and will be taken for the next month's lessons on the 25th of each month. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be charged, and no makeup lessons will be given.


STUDENTS WHO ARE ILL MUST NOT COME TO IN-PERSON PIANO LESSONS.  Please let us know any time before your scheduled lesson, and we will reschedule for another time.

Students who wish to discontinue lessons must give one month's notice by email to and may attend lessons during this time.

No Shows and lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be charged, and no makeup lessons will be given.

No refunds are given unless we cannot teach the lessons agreed.

“What happens if we need to miss a lesson?”

Unlike many studios…. We will do catch-up lessons.

However, we do catch-up lessons for these two contingencies:

  1. If the lesson has been cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson.

  2. If the student becomes ill, just let us know any time before the lesson.

Like many other businesses (doctors, photography studios, sports classes, etc), We cannot catch up on other last-minute cancellations (for example, sports club changes, last-minute school activities, forgotten birthday parties or school trips, other unplanned rehearsals or no shows...!)

To be fair to everyone, we apply this policy fairly to everyone in my studio - we don’t play favourites, and we want you to know to help you adequately plan for the future!

We have an unrestricted rescheduling policy. Students can reschedule for any reason, provided we have 24-hours notice.

How to cancel your lesson:

  • Log in to the student portal:

  • Navigate to ‘Calendar’ from the main menu on the left

  • Click on the lesson you would like to cancel

  • Select ‘Cancel Attendance’ on the lesson details

  • Confirm the cancellation (please note you will be unable to reschedule the lesson if there is less than 24-hours notice)


How to reschedule your lesson:

If you cannot find a slot the week you miss the lesson, you could double up on a future week. Scheduling lessons on back-to-back days is perfectly fine, too.

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