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Piano Lessons in Swindon The Bees Keys Sarah Daltrey Loddington.png

Sarah Loddington

Welcome to The Bee's Keys, Swindon's vibrant piano studio, with over 100 pupils ranging from age three to seventy-three (and more!!). Our studio thrives on participation in local music festivals, annual Christmas concerts, Performance Workshops, and graded exams where suitable.


I hold a Certificate of The Piano Teacher Course UK (Cert PTC UK) and have reached Grade 8 in Piano, Grade 7 in Singing, and Grade 5 in Music Theory. My extensive qualifications and firsthand experience in these exams equip me to guide my students towards success. I also boast a BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music with sixteen Distinctions, a testament to my dedication and skill.


Beyond music, my qualifications include over 20 years of teaching experience, various safety and educational certifications, and memberships in respected music societies. These credentials help me create a safe, effective, and engaging learning environment.


I discovered my love for music at the tender age of four and have been teaching piano, keyboard, and music theory to a diverse range of students since 1994. After a brief break in 2008, I returned with renewed passion to launch The Bee's Keys in 2013, introducing the successful WunderKeys Preschool Programme.


Our lessons are creative, fun, and motivating. They're crafted to build essential skills and encourage performance, with opportunities for our students to shine at recitals and other events. We focus on making music enjoyable from the very start, incorporating games, iPads, and creative activities to reinforce learning. Our structured yet relaxed approach ensures every student not only progresses but also enjoys their musical journey.


Join us at The Bee’s Keys and experience the joy of music in every lesson! 🎹🎶

Piano Lessons in Swindon The Bees Keys Kieran Pocock.png

Kieran Pocock 

I started playing the piano at the age of 13, but that hasn't stopped me from carving out a remarkable career in music. Over the years, I've successfully completed my Grade 8 practical examination and earned a diploma in piano performance.


My dedication to music has seen me transition from classical training to embracing a wide array of genres, including modern and popular music. When I'm not imparting my knowledge at Bees Keys, I'm self-employed, playing at care homes to delight the elderly and performing at various special events.


My technical prowess is equally matched by my passion for playing, which is the heart of my teaching philosophy at Bees Keys. It’s not solely about mastering the skills; it’s about experiencing the joy of music. I'm committed to helping pupils reach their personal goals in a way that suits their unique needs.


Additionally, I stay current with the latest safeguarding training and hold an enhanced CRB certificate, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for all.


Aniela Zylinski photo-1_edited.png

Aniela Zylinski

Aniela began her musical journey at the age of 5, studying piano under the guidance of Maureen Sleath and Adrian Sutcliffe. Her passion for music took her to Vienna in 1999, where she trained as a bel canto opera singer with Renate Samhouri and wrote her undergraduate thesis on Mozart. She graduated in 2001 from the University of Southampton with a 2.1 BA (Joint Hons) in Music & German and later obtained her Dip. ABRSM (Instrumental Teaching) in 2004. Aniela holds a PGCE in Music from the University of Bristol and began teaching in 2008 at Kingswood School, Bath. She later served as Acting Head of Department at The Commonweal School in Swindon and as Head of Performing Arts at John O'Gaunt School in Hungerford. In 2010, she founded the Swindon Youth Piano Festival and was recruited by Excalibur Academies Trust as a Specialist Leader of Education to deliver training across the South-West.


Since 2018, Aniela is self-employed, significantly expanding her private piano teaching practice and teaching KS3 classroom music locally. She adheres to the ABRSM syllabus for exams and is a highly sought-after and well-respected piano and music theory teacher across three counties.

Piano Lessons in Swindon The Bees Keys Hannah Brown.png

Hannah East 

I started piano lessons in primary school, which sparked a lifelong passion for music and led me to a rewarding career in this field. As a student, I progressed through piano grades 1-8 and Music Theory up to grade 6. My studies culminated in a degree in Music from Bath Spa University. 


Currently, I am self-employed and work extensively as a music teacher at Crowdys Hill School, a special needs school catering to children aged 5–19. It's incredibly fulfilling to see our students come together to make music in an inclusive setting, where each child has the opportunity to shine. This daily reminder of the transformative power of music and musical education is truly inspiring.


In addition to my teaching at Crowdys Hill, I am dedicated to teaching piano to students of all ages through private lessons. My goal is to help each student experience the joy and sense of achievement that comes from playing music, whether they pursue formal graded exams or play purely for pleasure. As part of the team at Bee’s Keys, I look forward to supporting our pianists in reaching their personal goals and fostering a fun, enjoyable approach to music.


I also ensure that I am up-to-date with the latest safeguarding training and hold an enhanced CRB certificate to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.

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