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Piano Lab Programme

Piano Lessons for students age 6+

Engaging, Motivating and Fun Piano lessons 

Modern lessons for designed for modern day kids. 

Piano lessons in the 'traditional' format have often been seen as boring, strict and old fashioned.

The Bee's Keys have taken a new innovative approach to ensure todays students love their lessons and enjoy playing the piano at home. 

Our relaxed and encouraging atmosphere ensures good progress, more fun and no home practise battles with mum and dad!

We know the kids of today have more homework, more sports, more extra curricular activities than ever, so all of the learning is done during the lesson - not at home. 

Home practise is all about polishing and playing with confidence - not being confused or unsure of what to do (the main cause of avoiding practise when at home!)

What will lessons be like?


Our piano lessons are designed to be Creative, Fun and Motivating. 

Our students:

  • Learn sight reading and steady rhythm from day 1, so that in the future they can play any musical genre they desire.

  • Optional performance classes once a month (at no extra cost!)

  • Learn general musicianship skills to be able to play by ear, and with other musicians.

  • Have the opportunity to perform at recitals and other events to show off their skills.

  • Review and reinforce concepts using games, iPads and composing activities.

  • Reap the benefits that music lessons provide as proven by science (raises IQ, increases focus and attention, promotes a sense of balance and relaxation, increases self-esteem – to name a few!)

  • Move through their beginner books at a faster than 'average' pace than the publisher recommends.

  • Learn all of their music during the lesson, so that they enjoy playing and improving their pieces when they get home.

  • Flexible scheduling options, rearrange lesson with ease - perfect for busy bees and busy parents!

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Piano Lab Programme
Ages 6+

These lessons are fun and are designed to make learning feel easy. Progress is fast and students love playing tunes they know from shows and TV, from 'The Greatest Showman' through to 'Ed Sheeran' and 'Hedwigs' Theme' from Harry Potter. Perfect for Tweens and Teens!

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Adult Classes
Ages 16+

These are not the dreaded lessons you remember as a child! You will learn new and familiar songs. You can play for your family and friends. You will be engaged, challenged and supported all the way - in a good way!

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