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 Introductory Lesson 

During this first (FREE) lesson, students learn the 7 basic facts that they need to play music… and then learn 4 – 6 songs within 15 minutes! It’s very exciting and motivating for new students to see how quickly they can learn music. 

Our WunderKeys students are given a fun filled half hour, where we can assess their needs and readiness for lessons while starting them on their musical journey.

 Accelerated Programme 

Suitable for anyone age 6 and above (Also dedicated adult classes)!


Lessons last for one hour each week and have been shown to dramatically improve a students sight reading skills - this is the number one skill that students need to learn music quickly!

The format helps students move through their books faster, and because they learn more each week, they will finish their books at a faster than average pace.

We include proven practice techniques during the lessons so that home practice is all about review and increasing speed - less tedium = more fun at home. 

We include some amazing fun review games, iPad apps, and some musical theory work….  This programme will minimise your need to supervise practice at home - Gone are the days of practise battles with mum or dad!!

 Custom Lessons 

Customised lessons are available in 30 minutes, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions. Do you want to learn to accompany yourself singing? Do you want to learn how to play by ear and improvise with ease? Do you want to learn more about Garageband and composing on your iPad? Are you an instrumentalist who needs help playing with an accompanist? Do you need to pass your Grade 5 Theory quickly? If there is anything (piano related) we can help with, please let us know - we love a challenge!

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