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I am now able to offer a 20% discount code for any musical instruments purchased directly through

Sale items will not get further discounted, but you will receive a Free Gift instead. Please pop me a message for a personal discount code!


Here are my BUDGET FRIENDLY recommendations! 


CDP-S110 Digital Piano

Around £311 with our discount code - you must purchase a separate stand. This piano is also available in red or white!


PX-760 Digital Piano 

Around £503 with our discount code - no separate stand needed.


Rent a piano on a trial basis.

If you are looking for an acoustic piano, 'The Piano Gallery' is the best shop around and is based in Faringdon. It is well worth a visit! Their website is


‘Holmes Music’ is the local Casio Piano Dealers (digital pianos) at 21-23 Faringdon Road Swindon SN1 5AR, and they always have pianos in store that you can go and try before you buy and are always really helpful. Their website is


Here is a list of things to look out for if you want to purchase elsewhere or second-hand. 


Ensure the keyboard is full size – as long as an acoustic piano with 88 keys and 7 octaves. The keys should also be the same size as a real piano. These two points are important for learning the correct finger spacing and scale of the instrument and adjusting to other pianos and keyboards that the player might need to play elsewhere. If you are really really pushed for space, 61 keys 


Choose a keyboard with weighted keys. This means that you need to press them down, but they spring back up like a real piano. Cheaper keyboards don’t usually have this feature. Learning to play on weighted keys builds finger strength and technique, so you can easily adjust to a real piano.


Touch-sensitive keys mean that they respond in volume according to how hard or softly you play them. This facility is usually only available on higher-end keyboards and, while very convenient, is quite different from an acoustic piano, which might be a problem later on. 


Let me know if you spot anything, and I will gladly cast my eye over it if you are unsure!

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