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Welcome to the Christmas Challenge

for ALL students or ALL levels and ALL ages…

The person with the most points at 19.00 on December 20th 2020 will win a prize. 


10 Points

For each completed challenge.

Photo or video evidence will need to be provided!


5 Points

Earned for every day that you log your practice on Cadenza.

Log in at

Remember to click the start practise button! 


2 Points

Earned for every guess the Christmas Song / Emoji shared on our Facebook and Instagram!


Please note that Photo’s and Videos will be used to create a video for our Online Concert, and shared on The Bee’s Keys social media.

Day 1

Play a seasonal piece while wearing some festive clothing.

(hat, jumper, antlers, beard!)


Day 2 

Share a festive tradition with someone.


Day 3

Write a festive poem with at least 4 lines.


Day 4

Memorise a festive tune.


Day 5

Play a piece perfectly and record for our online concert

Introduce yourself and your piece, and take a bow at the end.


Day 6

Print this PDF - CLICK HERE


Colour the images and fill in the sheet while listening to this music - CLICK HERE



Day 7 

Add a melody to your festive poem.


Day 8

Do something nice for someone.


Day 9

Send a video to someone you know, it will make their day!


Day 10

Santa’s Naughty List:

Forgot to clean your room.

Fought with a sibling.

Broke something.

Didn’t eat all of your dinner.

Stayed up too late.


Put a tick beside every one of these you have done this year. Add up the ticks and play each of your current pieces this many times - This erases you from the naughty list! 


Day 11

Listen to some festive music.


Day 12

Print this PDF -  CLICK HERE


Colour the images and fill in the sheet while listening to the music - CLICK HERE 


Day 13

Sing 'Jingle Bells' every time someone says 'Christmas'!


Day 14

Dust your piano.


Day 15 

Tell me why you enjoy playing the piano.


Day 16

Teach a friend or family member to play 'Jingle Bells'.


Day 17

Tell me your three piano goals of 2021.


Day 18 

Play three festive songs in a row.


Day 19

Compose your own piece using the high black keys on the piano.


Day 20

Play a festive tune and sing along.


Day 21

Do something nice for someone.


Day 22

Sing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ every time you hear the word ‘Santa’!


Day 23

Watch a festive film.


Day 24 

Invite your friends and family to watch our online concert !

Here is the link…..


Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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